Manpower is the key factor in the success of a business, especially good manpower. However, today, businesses still have difficulties in the stage of selection and training the labor resource which can meet the labor criteria of the organization. 

As the result, BPO Solution proudly introduces our labor subleasing service with the aim of reducing operating burden, helping businesses optimize staffing costs and save time.

BPO Solution giúp doanh nghiệp giảm bớt gánh nặng vận hành và tiết kiệm thời gian

BPO Solution helps businesses reduce operating burden and save time

The process of sub-leasing labor at BPO Solution

BPO Solution acts as a bridge between businesses and workers in resolving employment issues as well as labor contracts.

BPO Solution provides candidate data for businesses that is in need of labor. Then, businesses conduct interviews and select suitable candidates to the job criteria, perform the training as well as professional training for employees. 

Labor contract will be proceeded between BPO Solution and employees and between BPO Solution and enterprises. That means:

  • BPO Solution runs its workers and their payment based on the terms of the specified agreement.
  • BPO Solution is responsible for providing businesses with labor according to the business’s requirement. At the same time, the business is responsible for prepaying to BPO Solution a certain amount of money. At the end of the employment contract term, the business will return the hired employees to us.

Although the enterprise is not a labor owner, it has the right to operate, supervise and manage the outsourced employee during the performance of the labor obligations at the enterprise. However, in the event that the employee violates labor principles or discipline and the enterprise does not want to keep them, the enterprise does not need to proceed as all the handling has been handled by BPO Solution in accordance with the law. 

BPO Solution hoạt động như một cầu nối giữa doanh nghiệp và người lao động

BPO Solution acts as a bridge between businesses and employees

Our unique advantages:

– Satisfy client’s demand as soon as possible

BPO Solution provides high – quality and skilled employee resources, which is the moral courage to ensure the progress of business.

– Minimize risk of labor disputes

Using the Labor leasing service of BPO Solution, the company is no longer lose time to solve the problems related to labour disputes, labor conflicts that can focus on the strategic work.

 – Labor Code Alignment

Our labor sub-leasing process fully complies with and abides by the principles of the Vietnam Labor Code, ensuring the interests of both employees and businesses participating in cooperation.

The field of labor leasing of BPO Solution:

According to the Labor Law, BPO’s subleasing service can be applied in 20 job titles as below:

  • Interpreter
  • Secretary/ Administration Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Tour guide
  • Sale Assistant
  • Project Assistant 
  • Manufacturing System Programmer 
  • TV, Telecommunication Producer
  • Constructive machine, electric manufacturing System Operator
  • Sanitation worker
  • Copywriter
  • Body-guard/Guard
  • PG/Telesale
  • Finance, tax tackler
  • Car Maintenance Engineer
  • Scan, industrial engineering/Interior Design
  • Driver
  • Manager/Supervisor/Operator/Maintenance Staff of vessel (cruise ship)
  • Manager/Supervisor/Operator/Maintenance Staff of oil and gas rig 
  • Aircraft Driver, Staff/ Aircraft and aircraft equipment Maintenance Staff/ Moderator, Flight Operator / Flight monitor

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