Labor outsourcing is a form that is widely used not only by small and medium enterprises, but is also popular with large companies and multinational corporations. In Vietnam, this form is constantly proving its effectiveness in assisting businesses to optimize their operation processes and improve their competitiveness, especially in the context of fierce competition today.

BPO Solution is specializing in providing human resources outsourcing services for businesses, especially large-scale ones. Specifically, when the enterprise needs to hire a large number of employees to undertake tasks during the operation of the organization, such as production, the enterprise only needs to provide job descriptions as well as employee criteria for BPO Solution. Based on these criteria, we will provide the right and sufficient number of employees in accordance with the requirements set out by the business.

At BPO Solution, our labor outsourcing service can be applied for 40 different trades in accordance with the law.

Our outsourcing service includes: Production Outsourcing and Salesforce Outsourcing. 

Production Outsourcing Service applies for the following categories:

Manufacturing & operation

  • Packing
  • Coordinate production
  • Quality management
  • Maintenance
  • Machining


  • Warehouse
  • Distribution

Salesforce Outsourcing Service applies for the office block position, or positions related to planning, production and business strategy of the organization.

Responsibilities of BPO Solution in human resource outsourcing

In the process of conducting human contractors, BPO Solution is responsible for implementing the following activities:

Headcount planning

Purpose: To identify whether the labor source is suitable to the workload and requirements in order to have a development orientation, a clear and rational allocation of resources in line with the orientation of the enterprise.


Purpose: Training methodically under the strict supervision for the aim of ensuring the quality of labor and output efficiency of the business.

Labor dispute handling

Purpose: To solve problems related to the Labor Law on businesses’ behalf; Help businesses avoid the hassle of directly recruiting, taking time to devise groundbreaking strategies for the organization.

Performance Management

Purpose: Quickly coordinate employees promptly in case of quitting or sick leave with available workers network. In addition, quickly replenish human resources when the workload spikes.

Nhân viên luôn được hướng dẫn vận chuyển hàng hoá cẩn thận, nhẹ nhàng

BPO Solution brings effective personnel solutions to your business

Value offered to clients:

  • Ensure security
  • Make the best use of human capital cost and optimize profit
  • Provide seasonal flexibility
  • Focus on client’s core competency
  • Reduce risk of labor disputes  and other Law-related issues
  • Remove a burden from recruitment and training

BPO Solution is proud to be a provider of high-quality labor outsourcing service in Vietnam thanks to a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of human resources, as well as, managing many large-scale projects of multinational corporations such as Unilever, Sanofi, P&G, Damco Maersk and so on.

With our extensive experience, dedication as well as in-depth law knowledge and understanding of Vietnamese employees’ behavior, we will certainly bring the optimal personnel solutions for Vietnamese businesses, contributing to creating success for customers on the long-term and strong development path.

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