To a business, the platform to create success is a team of highly passionate and professional experts. Therefore, recruitment is one of the important personnel processes to build a strong collective that guarantees long-term development. This work requires finding and choosing the right person, thereby satisfying the requirements of the position with a long-term goal.

The benefits that BPO Solution offers to clients:

  • Wide network of candidates: towards the recruitment specialist, we have a network of high-level candidates, hard-to-find subjects that normally “hunted” through the relationships and projects deployed, as well as the CV system of thousands of workers across the country. Accordingly, with each data income, BPO Solution is confident finding candidates for business is entirely within reach.
  • Fast recruitment, right people: as soon as you get a job description, BPO Solution’s specialists will carefully analyze your business requirements. Then use the analysis system with the required keywords to test the capacity, the candidate’s experience to determine the object in accordance with the requirements of the position is recruiting. This helps the recruitment process not spend a lot of time in recollection.
  • Confidential recruitment information: We are committed to respecting the recruitment information of your business. This information will not be shared with other businesses or organisations for any purpose, without the consent of your business.
  • Cost effectiveness and time saving: As estimated, each failure recruitment will cause the business to lose a small amount of costs. Thus, the use of outsourced personnel recruitment service will help businesses save time and cost effectively. At the same time, it also saves labor training costs with high quality candidates from BPO Solution.

BPO Solution with its team of experts who have years of experience in recruiting for a lot of major clients in the country, we pledge to bring professional services, efficiency and most consistent with clients. Even though business wants to employ a permanent position, a short contract, we can all help with the field:

  • Recruitment of administrators, senior positions
  • Recruitment of common labour for industries such as manufacturing, consumer fast, warehousing, agriculture…
  • Recruitment of PG / PB, point of sale marketing
  • Recruit of other positions

As one of the companies specializing in providing high quality human resources, being our client, all your personnel issues will be solved quickly and bring positive results during the operation process.

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